Bonnie Tobey, R.I.P.

Hola, readers and followers,

I’ve (and we) have been absent for a least a couple of weeks. Please pardon me. If you read the rest of this post you will know why. The post was written by Bonnie’s daughters. I will write a memorial here sometime soon.

Bonnie Lynn Tobey, born November 17, 1953, returned home with a grateful heart on February 17, 2020 after a life filled with countless blessings, the greatest being her beloved and loving family.  Bonnie was a Home-Health and Hospice nurse for 43 years, certified Hatha Yoga instructor, proud and excellent parent with Jim Johnson to their three daughters Laila Bernhardt, Hannah Johnson, and Paula Johnson Bowers, daughter of Marjorie and Stephen Tobey, doting older sister to Stephen Tobey Jr., Richard Tobey, and Julie Ratcliffe, partner to Robert Rutter, delighted Oma to eight grandchildren, and loving friend to more people than can be named here.

Bonnie’s life was characterized by service to others – though she claimed to be very selfish because she “enjoyed helping people so much”. “I do it all for me,” she was heard to say on more than one occasion, and Bonnie’s dedication to following her own heart and boldly marching to the beat of her own drum was an inspiration to all who knew her.

In her retirement from nursing, she enjoyed travelling, spending time with family, voraciously reading, and lively Words With Friends rivalries. Her final weeks were spent at her daughter’s home, surrounded by family.  She was peaceful and gave the instructions: “Don’t cry for me too much. I have lived the most wonderful life.”

A celebration of Bonnie’s life will be hosted by her family on Washington Island, Wisconsin on August 15th, 2020.

Bonnie’s memory lives on in all who knew her: her friends, family, children and grandchildren.  Any time you do something daring for the greater good and for love, you honor her rebellious spirit. Any time you answer the call of a person in need and lend a listening ear, you live from her own generous heart.

We are all so blessed to have known her. 💖🕉💖

A Taste of Chapala History

Lakeside has a very long history, dating back to prehispanic times. Alas, much of this history is not well-researched (in this area) and, to make understanding it even more difficult for us gringo amateur historians, it’s all in Spanish. I’m learning, yet have a very long way to go.

Chapala has an archive maintained and staffed by the city. So more recent history, and by that I mean from the early twentieth century through the present, is documented in a universal language: photographs.

Recently I ventured into city hall. It’s housed in one of the original buildings of the Spanish occupation, the grand hotel.

Here, a number of luminaries have stayed over the years.

D.H. Lawrence lived in Chapala for a short portion of his life, working on a novel. You can read about that here.

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll have observed lots of photos of the malecon and the lake.

Today the water level of the lake is well below even the lowest level of the malecon.

It’s an important source of water for Guadalajara.

Not so long ago, however, the lake was prone to flooding.

In city hall, I found a small exhibit of photos depicting this history, reaching back into the 1960s and prior.

Enjoy, and as I learn more, you’ll be the first to know.