Spring Has Sprung in Chapala

Life is rolling on here in Chapala. Life is vibrant here; the days are getting warmer; more and more people are out and about, yes, even with the current health problems. Little changes abound.

The avocado trees are full and lush and dripping with their delicious fruit. My neighbor and I went to the local vegan restaurant. He pointed out the avocados hanging way above us close by.

Last year I was lunching at another local restaurant. Many of the restaurants have mostly outdoor seating. A table, chairs, and an umbrella. My neighbor and I observed that the mango tree growing nearby was groaning with ripening mangos. We also observed  another couple seated in the open (no umbrella) right underneath the tree.

Well, you’ve probably guessed the rest of the story. We heard a bonk and an ouch and we all dissolved in laughter.

Not an uncommon experience here.

At a gathering of our neighbors last week we were talking about the differences in the food environments between the U.S. and Mexico. Here, the produce sections are huge and the frozen sections small, pretty much the mirror opposite of the U.S. And here the fruits are vegetables are available fresh and pretty much local year round.

A few items, such as numerous varieties of potatoes are not found here. Pretty much we only have a handful of varieties here. No Russets, no Yukon Gold. Plain old white in a couple of varieties and a few different sweet potatoes.

In Guadalajara, more can be found. A couple of weeks ago, we headed up to the Mercado de los Abastos (the market of supplies). Supplies there are. Rows and rows and rows of fruit and vegetable markets and prepared foods. Simply lovely!




The Return of the Voladores

There’s been a major shift here at lakeside. At least, it feels that way. For the voladores have returned!

It happened just this week.

I went for my usual walk along the malecon, soaking in the sun and watching the pelicans glide around on the lake. Then I noticed that the voladores, the flying men, were back.

They’ve been gone for almost a year. I assume they were prohibited from performing their skill because they tend to draw a crowd, a no-no in these days of fear. But now, they’re back!

Likewise it seems that the spirit has lifted locally. There’s a spring in everyone’s step. Earlier this week I went with a couple of neighbors to the park across the street for a lesson in Qi Gong. The professor spoke almost no English and we spoke little Spanish but that didn’t matter. We followed along and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And we’ll return for more lessons in the upcoming weeks.

I also strolled out on the bridge to nowhere to get another view of the lake. Lovely!

I’ll leave you with yet another video of the pelicans. I hope you find them as graceful and soothing as I do!