Trip Around Lake Chapala, Part 2

Back in May, my Qi Gong instructor Hector, his wife and another friend and I circumnavigated Lake Chapala. You can read the story of the first part of our expedition here.

We visited the beautiful lakeside town of

As we’ve come to expect in all Mexican towns, somewhere toward the center of town is a square with an iglesia (church) or even a cathedral. Tlapan’s was especially impressive and we spento some time here communing with the beauty.

And we caught some glimpses of the town just off the square.

A lovely tree in full blossom waved goodbye to us as we were ready to depart.

Our next stop was in Palo Alto. This time we made our way down to the lakefront by just turning down a street and driving to the end.

We were rewarded with a view of the southern shore of the lake.

Right down to almost to the water’s edge was farmland.

And an interesting contrast to the the north side of the lake.

Soon, your journey will continue!

Lake Chapala in Transition

Hola, folks! Sorry to have been away from here for so long. Wish I could say I was engaging in some exotic travel (or even some boring travel for that matter). But no, I’ve been under the weather for a couple of weeks. Nothing serious, at least not yet. And I feel that I’m coming to the end of it.

One catch-up note: The work on the house across the street is proceeding apace. The second floor is appearing rapidly and delivery after delivery of bricks have been deposited on the porch and then carried up to the second floor.

Yes, the bricks arrive by the truck load. One worker piles three or four bricks and then tosses them to another worker who piles them neatly on the porch.

But this is not the main subject of today’s blog. Indeed, it appears that we have turned the corner on the shrinkage of the lake. The rainy season has arrived. We’ve had a number of nights with storms and a few days as well, with gentle rain for at least part of the day.

Hopefully we’ve hit the low level of the lake for this year and from here on we’ll have sufficient rain to replenish the levels.

With that, here are photos from the end of June, showing just how low the lake has fallen.

And here are two paired photos of the same general area off the malecon, the first photo being the current view and the second being last Fall. Quite a contrast.