How Dry It Is: Lake Chapala is Shrinking!

The winter and the Spring here at lakeside are dry, sometimes, like this year, very dry. I literally can’t remember the last time it rained. Yes, the water tables have dropped as well with warning about excessive use coming from local authorities.

And it’s slowly and steadily getting warmer and warmer during the day. Up into the low 80s. Before long, that will yield to the mid to high 80s at the peak of the day. And then as we enter the summer months, we’ll start to have rain.

At night, thank goodness. Not that it doesn’t rain during the day. Sometimes, it does but only for an hour or two before the sun bursts through again.

Right now though, it’s sunshine and warmth and delightful days.

The lake is as low as I can remember in the four years that I’ve lived here now.

The easiest way to observe this is by looking at the water levels around the piers and the shore.

The bridge to nowhere is now all on the beach. Won’t be landing any boats there for a while yet.

It’s easy to see where to waterline was. Just above the dark patch of shore visible in the foreground and extending down the entire shore. This is a view from the west side of the malecon looking east. The main and most vibrant area of the malecon is yet further to the east of the white pier toward the back of the photo.

Notice too that the stairsteps down to the water have been refurbished. Pained a nice vibrant Mexican color.  During the wet season the palm tree in the foreground would be deep in the lake.

Note that the first opening under the pier is typically full of water. During the height of the rainy season, the lake almost touches the bottom of the bridge there.

And finally we observe the pelicans. Today, they’re lined up on some high ground that almost makes it possible to walk to the breakwater without getting one’s feet wet. To do so this day, you’d have to deal with the pelicans.

To me, this photo just screams that it needs and deserves a caption: So I offer mine:


Other captions welcome.  Drop me a comment.

Until next time, Bob




One thought on “How Dry It Is: Lake Chapala is Shrinking!”

  1. “Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Robert come over!”
    And the pelican line held so Robert became one of them!

    Love’em. Thanks!

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