Lake Chapala in Transition

Hola, folks! Sorry to have been away from here for so long. Wish I could say I was engaging in some exotic travel (or even some boring travel for that matter). But no, I’ve been under the weather for a couple of weeks. Nothing serious, at least not yet. And I feel that I’m coming to the end of it.

One catch-up note: The work on the house across the street is proceeding apace. The second floor is appearing rapidly and delivery after delivery of bricks have been deposited on the porch and then carried up to the second floor.

Yes, the bricks arrive by the truck load. One worker piles three or four bricks and then tosses them to another worker who piles them neatly on the porch.

But this is not the main subject of today’s blog. Indeed, it appears that we have turned the corner on the shrinkage of the lake. The rainy season has arrived. We’ve had a number of nights with storms and a few days as well, with gentle rain for at least part of the day.

Hopefully we’ve hit the low level of the lake for this year and from here on we’ll have sufficient rain to replenish the levels.

With that, here are photos from the end of June, showing just how low the lake has fallen.

And here are two paired photos of the same general area off the malecon, the first photo being the current view and the second being last Fall. Quite a contrast.

3 thoughts on “Lake Chapala in Transition”

  1. Hola, I love reading your blogs. After following you and 2 others I am arriving! Have my residence visa from my consulate and we arrive August 26. Me and my 2 dogs. I would love to meet you in chapala, or at Ol Lin in San Antonio, you introduced me to it and I love it there. Buenas noches.

    Wonderful to hear! So glad you found your way. And yes, I’d love to meet you when you land. LMK!

  2. Hi
    I just saw your comment. How’s it going. Do you have your perm any residency yet? I’m making plans and waiting to turn 70 in January. I need to show $1.00 of SS. Did you use an attorney for your residency visa? I hope your totally happy!

    1. Hi, Victoria,

      I’m still here on a temporale visa. Another year and I can shift over seamlessly.

      I did use an attorney to deal with immigration. It can be done on one’s own but can be daunting and
      very difficult if one does not have a good handle on Spanish.

      Best of luck!

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