Cleaning up in Chapala

One of the endearing aspects to life here in Mexico and in Chapala are the contrasts. At first glance, one might notice the litter, the poverty, the need. But the longer I’ve lived here, the more I’ve come to appreciate how hard the Mexicans work on maintaining their land, their homes, and their villages and cities.

I vividly recall some of the early morning trips to the airport when Bonnie had to travel to Houston for treatment. The flights really were at o’dark hundred. We’d drive through a very quiet Chapala with only the streetlights illuminating the surrounding.

This was especially surreal after the thunderstorms that happen overnight during the rainy season (happening now through September).

There would be a few people out–almost all of them street cleaners. Not the hulking noisy machines you see in the U.S.. These are men and women with large straw brooms sweeping the streets and sidewalks.

Often, while walking through town I encounter people out washing the exterior of their homes and the sidewalks. Every street has people who will wash your car while you visit or shop.

This week, the malecon and the adjacent beaches of the lake were being cleaned by a legion of washers. It’s usual to see a team of two with a power washer spraying down the malecon and scrubbing as needed. The plants are trimmed; trash removed; debris gathered up that’s washed ashore.

This effort was larger and very effective.

Kind of inspires me to do some house cleaning. I put in a message to my cleaning service to have Lupita, my expert house cleaner, visit this week!


Life Goes On in Chapala

Like the rest of the world, we’re still in the midst of the pandemic. Although businesses are open, theatres, music venues and sports events are not, with no change evident into the immediate future.

Still, life goes on.

When I visit the local mercado area to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, folks are out and about, many with masks. Masks are required in the shops and stores, although here it’s primarily a self-policed requirement.

I’m focused on being grateful for what I have and that’s enough.

The malecon is open, although relatively un-peopled except on weekends.

We’re having some simply spectacular days, clear and bright, warm and slightly breezy. Just delightful.

I’m grateful!