A Chilly Christmas-y Week in Chapala

Brrrrrrr. It’s winter here. What that seems to mean is temperatures can drop into the low fifties and even the high forties (F). What it mostly seems to mean is that Christmas is coming and everyone’s pace is a little more brisk, even with jackets and sweaters and sweatshirts.

Yet, all seems and feels calm and peaceful here.

Pretty much every day we walk on the malecon, just taking in the beauty and the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that just emerge over time. One of the most startling is the rising of the lake due to the past rainy season.


This photo is of the west side of the Chapala malecon. Not six months ago, a volleyball net stretched between the two poles and there was still plenty of beach beyond them. And every evening, folks would play. 

And with the rise in the lakeshore, several repairs to the waterfront are underway. A new dock for the tour boats and an overhaul of the middle pier on the east side of the malecon. Looks like it’s going to be a big improvement when it’s complete. 

The nativity scene that graced the median of the main entry to the malecon has appeared once again this year and is lovely in its simplicity. Political correctness doesn’t rule here in Mexico (except among some expats). The prevailing attitude among the Mexicans seems to be live and let live.

Last year, at the big Christmas parade (yet to happen here this year), we witnessed Santa Claus, Christian iconography and LGBT floats all in one glorious mash-up. 

As I walked the malecon this morning, I was greeted by calls of hola (hello in Spanish) and buenos dias (good morning in Spanish). I too greeted others. 

Part of the holiday spirit seems prevalent in everyday life here: respect of and appreciation of others. 

It’s a wonderful feeling.

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