A Day Trip to Tapalpa Part 2


We only spent the day in Tapalpa, yet knew almost instantly that we wanted to come back for a longer visit.

Our final stop for this trip was at what I just had to call the Stonehenge of Mexico. Of course, it’s not. Yet, it does have a supernatural element to it. Large rocks, boulders, seemingly plopped down in the middle of a field, albeit a somewhat hilly one.

And it’s a very popular place to visit for the locals. We didn’t see any other gringos here either.

While it appears that most people walk amongst the rocks, exploring and enjoying, some ride horses through the property.

And, if you’re feeling really brave, you can opt to ride the lone donkey.

There’s a zipline set-up here too. Joyously, very simple. You sign a simple form (in Spanish–presumably you are signing your life away just as you would with the reams of paper you would have for ziplining in the U.S. or Canada). You climb up to the starting point, don your harnesses, climb stairs to the starting point, get hooked on and away you go!

The most fun part of this visit for me was taking pictures of all the people taking pictures. There’s something in the air at this place that just makes people want to go vogue and strike a pose!

And finally, as we were headed back to the car, we saw this little Mexican fellow.

Yes indeed, Mexico’s contribution to the world of dogs.

We hope you’ve gotten a little taste of the delights of Tapalpa here. Come on down and check it out for yourselves. And be sure to stop by Chapala when you do!

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