A Guad Good Friday

Easter Week is a big deal in Mexico. Really big. For some, a national week off. And Good Friday and Easter Sunday are quite significant.

We had read about an artisan festival happening all week in the heart of Centro Historico in Guadalajara and we made plans to go up on Good Friday.

Guadalajara is a big city, the second largest in Mexico, with a population over 10,000,000. Like any big city, it can be challenging to navigate at times, confusing, and, well, different. With lots and lots of traffic.

However, driving in from Chapala, the roads were unusually light. Some cars, a few trucks, but nowhere near what we typically find making the trip into Guad. And this sparseness persisted all the way into the city.

Likewise, the city was somewhat deserted. Few shops were open; few restaurants. The usual hustle and bustle was simply absent.

We had no problem finding parking and enjoyed a pleasant walk down into the heart of Centro Historico.

As we approached, we did start to see more and more people gathered. And arriving down at Liberation Square, lots of folks had turned out for the beautiful day and for the art festival.

The festival was in two large tents and was absolutely swarming with people.

There were rows and rows of all types of artisan work, such as clothing, leather goods, beadwork, carvings, paintings, and all kinds of artisan foods: candies, beverages, mixers, coffee, and, thank goodness, salsa!!!

After a leisurely walk around the entirety of the festival, we made our way back toward the car and came across the lovely little public square. Little squares pop up all over Mexican cities.

A beautiful day and a happy day!

And a bonus: I remember trying to find shoe laces back in the U.S. and how hard it seemed to be to find any. Well, if you’re coming to Mexico, you can find stalls with lots and lots of shoe laces.

In Mexico, you never quite know what you’ll find.



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