A Musical Paradise Too

If you’re wondering whether you’d have to give up a musical life if you move to Chapala, you can rest assured you’ll find a rich, abundant musical culture here.  Music is everywhere here. Find a musical life in Chapala.

Almost every evening we take a stroll on the malecon. And almost every evening we do, we enjoy roving bands of musicians serenading a couple or a family who have engaged them for a song. Mariachi of course and several other styles of Mexican music. Tubas are really big here for some reason, almost as popular as accordians, which are ubiquitous. Not to be confused at all with the Lawrence Welk style or even the polka styles of Germany and Poland. The Mexican musicians have made it their own.

We enjoy lots of actual concerts here as well. Everything from Mexican pop music to traditional music to standard classical music with a Mexican twist.

Last night we walked up to the old train station in Chapala, a beautifully restored building from some one hundred years ago. It’s now used as a museum/art center. The Orquesta Tipica de Chapala performed a delightful concert which was a true mosh pit of musical styles. Many of the tunes reminded me of the soundtracks of great films from the 1940s and 1950s, such as Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Almost twenty musicians packed the small stage. Violins, guitars, auto-harp, salterios, congas, upright bass, harp, and a giant marimba. It took four energetic players for the marimba alone.

Check out the video below for a sample of the evening:

Today we’re headed into Guadalajara to hear the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra perform Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concert No. 1 and Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances.

Next month we head there for a musical festival with David Byrne, Alanis Morissette, and The Killers headlining.

Are we living the musical life in Chapala? Yes, indeed we are.

And here’s another longer selection from Orquesta Tipica de Chapala:

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