A New Year in Chapala

Hola, mis amigos! (Hello, my friends.)

Feliz Ano Nuevo! (Happy New year.)

Glad to be back in Chapala.

You may have noticed that we did not post last week. Bonita was with her family in Florida (and still is) and I hopped a flight to Phoenix to ultimately participate in a class in Sedona between Christmas and New Year’s.

I arrived back in Chapala late on January second, so I was not here for most of the last two weeks.

Yet, Chapala is still here. Life eases on.

As I took my daily walk on the malecon my attention was captured again by the small changes that come from observing the same territory day after day.

Friday, I witnessed a massive and very short migration of the local pelicans. There’s a set of stairs leading down to the lake right off the malecon at the center of town. A large flock of pelicans were floating, paddling around, out toward the end of one of the three main piers that jut out into the lake. As I walked by, the pelicans took off, soaring over the the lake by the stairs. There were hundreds taking this flight of a few hundred feet.

Turns out one of the local fishermen had stopped by, as they do periodically, to dispose of fish unusable to them. The pelicans love this of course and jockey for position to get part of the the booty.

Today on the malecon, I passed a couple with a teenage daughter. The daughter wore a t-shirt saying “Perfecta Imperfecta”. I roughly translate this, after three years of Spanish lessons with Duolingo, as “perfectly imperfect.”

How appropriate I thought, for life here in Chapala.

We love Chapala and we hope that’s apparent from our blog. And yes, we think we are living in paradise. This does not mean that Chapala is perfect, nor is Mexico. To think otherwise would simply be ignorant and incautious.

Yes, it is imperfectly perfect. Perfect for us.

As I said earlier, I was in Sedona over the holidays. And Sedona had a pretty significant snowstorm while I was there. Sedona is unusual in Sedona. It happens maybe once or twice over the winter season.

This storm was several inches and traffic in town was stopped. Literally. It took me two hours to move a few hundred feet.

Now, earlier in my life I would have found this intolerably frustrating. Not now. Having lived in Chapala for a year now, I understand and love the Mexican way of life, just go with the flow. No hurry, no muss, no fuss.

Perfectly imperfect. I can live with that.


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