A Trip to Mexico City

Last weekend Bonita and I took our first “long” trip in Mexico. On Saturday, we boarded a Volaris flight from Guadalajara to Mexico City.

We had considered driving. It’s about a four and half to six hour trip, depending on where in Mexico City one is going. We’re very glad we didn’t. Negotiating Mexico City seems nightmarish, at least to this gringo and geezer. So we let Uber do the driving.

We had booked into an AirBnB offering. Turned out to be a delight. Right in the heart of Condesa, one of Mexico City’s historical wealthy districts. Our lodging was in a beautiful home owned and operated by a delightful lady who fussed over us and made us feel totally at home.

And we were only a few short blocks of a walk away from the venue where we attended a concert Sunday night.

Our impressions of Mexico City are just too expansive to cover in one blog post, so I’ll keep this one focused on one subject. Our bus tour of Mexico City during the day Sunday that came to a spectacular climax at the Zocalo, or central square.

I’m guessing you’ve seen lots of pictures of this historical area and of course, we’re going to show you a few here.

It’s almost impossible to describe the grandeur of this location. It is the largest urban square in the world of its type and even saying that belittles the jaw-dropping depth and breadth of the place. Hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words.

Mexico’s Independence Day had recently passed and the remnants of the celebration still festooned the plaza.

The square was mobbed with people and yet, many thousands more could comfortably fit.

And it wouldn’t be Mexico if there wasn’t a cathedral. So, we leave you for the present with this.


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