About Us

Bob Sherman and Bonita Lynn are the authors and curators of Geezers in Paradise. We recently moved from Wisconsin to Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Bonita is a retired nurse and mother of three daughters with growing families of their own. She grew up in Madison WI, Chicago IL, and Boston MA and lived for significant portion of her adult life in Dubuque, IA. She’s a social media maven and loves Words With Friends. Her Facebook is constantly open.

Bob is a semi-retired entrepreneur, having owned a boutique consulting business for some twenty years, after a career in corporate America. Hailing from Vermont and having lived up and down the East Coast, followed by a stint in AZ, Bob has happy feet.

Both of us love to travel, yet are home bodies at heart. So a semi-retirement in Mexico (and who knows potentially where next) seemed like a perfect solution for us both.