An Appeal to Starbucks de Mexico

Starbucks, I love your Cold Brew. I typically bought out all the supply at Walmart of the Cold Brew bottles while I lived in the U.S. and on the few trips I’ve made back.

The bottles are not available here in Mexico. And that’s okay, although I hope you bring them here in the near future.

No. My appeal regards what is sold in Mexico, listed on the menus of all the Starbucks I have graced here so far, the Cold Brewed Coffee.

A couple of times when I have ordered the Cold Brew, I’ve been absolutely delighted. The barista opened a little frig, pulled out a vessel of dark chilled coffee, added it to a Venti with ice and mixed with water. Perfection! That smooth, delicious cold-brewed taste I so love.

However, most of the time, the barista fills a Venti with ice, runs some pipping hot brewed coffee into a vessel, dilutes it with water and pours this devil’s concoction into the Venti.

What is it? That’s iced coffee! That is NOT cold-brew.

Please, please Starbucks de Mexico, train the baristas on how to properly provide the cold brew that is on the menu. Or, if that’s simply the way it’s done here, fine. Just please please label it on the menu as cafe con hielo, not as Cold Brew.

Ahhhh, Cold Brew, I do miss thee.

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