Back in Chapala…..Again

We’re back in Chapala once again. After returning last week from a trip to Houston, we needed to return to Houston for more medical treatment for Bonita. This time we planned on six days.

All seemed to go well and having flown to Houston from Guadalajara last Wednesday (a week ago), we headed to the airport to return on Monday morning. Alas, when we got there, one of the passports was missing. We remembered having placed it in a drawer in the hotel room and calling the hotel, discovered that, yes, it was there.

A rush Uber trip back to the hotel and back to the airport and we missed the flight. No other flights that we were willing to spring for (and very few directs) until Wednesday. So we spent two more days in Houston.

Certainly we were ready to return to Mexico.

It’s been almost a year since we made the move to Mexico. Yet the rush we felt returning here was “home at last”. Mexico just feels homey for us.

Arriving back on Wednesday afternoon at the Guadalajara airport, we were reminded once again of the friendliness and caring we so often observe among the Mexicans.

Our flight was on Volaris, which we liken to the Peoples’ Express of Mexico (for those who remember that airline from the eighties in the U.S.). Pretty bare-bones yet delightful. On almost all the Volaris flights we’ve taken into Guadalajara, the flight terminates on the tarmac rather than a jet-way. Not sure why, but they do. So you exit onto stairs and board a bus to take you back to the terminal.

There was a small army of personnel there to help with disembarkation. We were on the last bus, so we waited while those who needed wheelchairs were de-planed. Everyone was patient, simply waiting. And everyone was treated with respect and helped if they needed help. Just the way things seem to be done here in Mexico.

Once home in Chapala, we got to once again take our evening walk on the malecon by the lake and note the modest changes. The main road running along the malecon was closed down for another festival. Rides and stalls and food and music. Mexicans just love their parties. All family affairs, to be sure. And this one seemed religious in nature, as the cathedral was open and lit up with lots of people inside and out front.

The calming effect of familiar turf and the sheer beauty of the Lake and the city of Chapala felt all new again yet with the familiarity of home.

Wonderful to be back…..again.

Still, we have some more travel upcoming. This weekend to Mexico City for a concert and then a trip to Nuevo Laredo and Laredo to apply for our temporale visa and to re-register the car. We’ll keep you posted.

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