Back in Chapala–Whew!

We’re back in Chapala for a few days after a lengthy visit to the States for Bonita’s medical care.

It’s great to be back.

In some ways, we had a nice visit to the States. Great to have an unlimited choice of first-run movies. Excellent Chinese food. Shopping, in English! And, the familiarity of it all.

Yet, it felt wonderful to get back to Mexico. The atmosphere just instantly felt relaxed, chill, friendly. And the weather, back here in the low 70s/high 60s rather than the 90s and muggy in Texas.

So what are the differences?

The main one came on our departure going through the gauntlet of airport “security” in Houston. The line was short; the time elapsed long. Just the facts now. I emptied the entirety of my pockets–tissues, money (both paper and change), phone, everything. I took off my belt. I took off my shoes. So I’m holding up my pants and have to hold my hands over my head, like a perp in the whirl machine.

Somehow I flunked. So I was informed that I would have to be totally patted down (politely and thoroughly informed). And I was, and I do mean totally. With nothing, nothing but my pants and skivvies on me.

Nothing found, of course. But at least they foiled one old skinny man.

Then I learned that I had committed a cardinal sin: I didn’t take my laptop out of my backpack. So, everything had to be run through again.

Leaving Mexico on the trip out was a breeze. Luggage x-rayed, me checked (my ID, etc.) and through.

Seems that a major difference between Mexico and the States is that Mexico feels welcoming of travelers while the States are paranoid of everyone.

I know, I know. Bordering on political commentary here. Still, to us, it’s a huge difference.

We’reĀ  very happy with our new home. Back in Chapala. Home.

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