Chapala Facelift

Last week Bonita and I made a quick trip to Houston. On our return, which coincided with the end of Carnival, we found that the city restoration program has progressed significantly. In our last post (which you can find here), I described the streets of Chapala and mentioned the restoration program. Well, in the course of a week, the program had beautiful results, especially on our street. Check this out:

Bright colors, fresh paints, streets paved in stone squares and curbs and corners marked for parking/no parking and handicap access are now all in place on almost the entirely of our street.

Oh what a mix of colors and textures. Would this pass muster in city codes in the U.S. and Canada? Probably not. But this is Mexico and folks here like local flair and colorful paint. And it totally works.

The city is hard at work on the streets. Yes, it’s disruptive and messy, yet the results are bearing fruit. I must admit, I hold my head a little higher now walking down our street to the city center and our favorite mercado.

We have particular favorites of the newly-painted homes and businesses. And if some are not quite to our tastes, we immediately spot many that are.

Chapalans are rightly pleased with the progress of the city. We love the friendly atmosphere and how much care and respect folks here have for the city and for each other. Come and enjoy.

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