Chapala Faces Coronavirus

We’re in lockdown.

Self-imposed, true. The government has strongly urged seniors and the infirm stay home. Find younger persons to do the shopping. Stay inside.

I’ve been out a few times, each to do some shopping. To the local Walmart, to Pancho’s Deli Market (a local gringo favorite), and even to Guadalajara to Costco and City Market (the high-end supermarket in the city) and Superama (a higher-end Walmart of Mexico grocery store).

Two weeks ago, I was isolating here with one exception. I went for a daily walk, down to the malecon to see the pelicans. That week, the malecon was closed off by the city.

In any case, the town has been pretty deserted.



The week prior to Easter is traditionally a major religious celebration and lots of Guadalajarans would visit Chapala and lakeside.  However, the city is actively discouraging visitors until after the crisis.

Out for a walk last Saturday, I was stopped twice by Chapala police who politely and firmly suggested that I return home. I did, and I have now limited my walking around three sides of the complex.

I have noticed several of the plants along our compound walls. The aloe vera plants are blooming, shooting up a beautiful blossom.

And above the wall, another plant is bursting forth as well. I don’t know what it is, but it’s magnificent.

Likewise when my neighbor and I went to Guadalajara last Friday we saw two police roadblocks on the southbound side. Then we arrived at one on the northbound side too. It was a drunk driving stop. At eleven o’clock in the morning. Mexico is very serious about drunk driving.

On the way back, around five o’clock, the drunk driving stop was gone but we stopped at both of the others.

At the first, we were asked where we were going and what we were doing. At least we think that’s what we were asked. We both then had our temperatures taken and we were waved on.

At the second, the Chapala police were asking what we were planning to do in Chapala. We told them we were residents and we passed through. However, several cars in front of us and behind us were turned away.

And so, I’m being very quiet here. Still, the sun is shining. Temperatures in the low 80s. Light breezes. We are comfortable as we await the world after coronavirus.

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  1. WOW! empty streets for sure. here (Bangkok) we are surprised by the eerie quiet at night. we live on a very busy thoroughfare but the government imposed a curfew from 10pm-4am so no more traffic noises at night. they also banned the sales of alcohol for 10 days and cancelled the days off for Songkran holiday to keep everyone at home. they will reschedule the holiday.tbd.

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