Chapala in Pre-COVID19

[I’m slowly emerging back into the social and cultural stream of life after Bonnie’s passing. I’ll write my own memorial to her soon for these pages. In the meantime the world is being turned upside down with the coronavirus and the turmoil it has engendered. Moreover, when I returned from saying my goodbyes to Bonnie as she was passing, my main desktop computer called it quits and it has been rebuilt slowly here in Mexico. I just got it back yesterday. So here is my first post. One of Bonnie’s daughters encouraged me to continue writing here. And so I am doing so.]

Right now Chapala is in the midst of realizing the threat of the coronavirus. There are less people out and about. People are being a little more concerned, yet the reaction here has been much more subdued than with our northern neighbors. We suspect that reaction is still in front of us here in Mexico.

As I’ve noted before, change seems to happen slowly here, but it definitely does happen. When I was up North, a matter only of a few days, some artist or artists decorated some of the trees along the malecon.

You may have noticed in pictures on prior blog posts that the trees here in town are painted what at the base up to about six feet in height. The trees are painted with calcium hidroxide to protect them from pests and especially from leafcutter ants, who can devastate a growth of trees in a matter of hours. Visit here to learn more.

Well, some artists used the white as a canvas and decorated the trees again. Quite lovely:

Also, a subject I never tire of: pelicans. I go every day to see them while they are here. Alas, their migration North is due to begin soon (although I hope the border patrol will let them pass). I’ll miss their beauty and graceful presence on the lakeshore and ponder their return next November.

Finally, I’ll sign off today with a little video I shot on a trip to Guadalajara shortly after my return from the States. I love the joy and excitement of the kids, playing with these simple and colorful toys. Forever Young, as Bob Dylan said.

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