Chapala Tidbits–Pueblo Magico?

A new series here! Brief tidbits about life at lakeside.

I arrived here almost four years ago now. During that time, there was a major push to have Ajijic designated by the Mexican government as a “Pueblo Magico” which is an ad campaign to stimulate tourism within Mexico. You can learn more here.

Some of us were stumped; I among them. I’ve visited several Pueblo Magicos and wondered what qualified Ajijic for the designation.

Ajijic did receive the designation two years ago.

But I’m not alone in wondering.

Last week I was shopping at Pancho’s, a local store primarily geared to gringos. I’ve gotten to know one of the employees there and practice my Spanish with him.

He told me a joke that’s widespread among the locals.

Is Ajijic a Pueblo Magico or a Pueblo Trafico?

You can guess which one the locals vote for!



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