Chapala’s Renovated Mercado

In the midst of the coronavirus reaction, life goes on. Yes, that’s a cliche…but it happens to be true. By life goes on here, I specifically mean that projects and business continues, even a different and more leisurely pace.

One of the projects that’s been going on for months now in Chapala is the renovation of the town mercado (or marketplace). While the term mercado is used to refer to any market, especially outdoor markets that are often present weekly, each town in Mexico seems to have a town mercado. These mercados are housed in public buildings where space is rented to individual or family enterprises who provide all types of food.

There are butchers and vendors of beef, chicken, pork, lamb and fish. There are fruit and vegetable vendors. There are prepared food stands. There are flowers and tortillas and cheeses. All sorts of consumables.

Chapala’s mercardo was a dreary, worn-out looking building in very serious need of a facelift. I don’t know when it’s last update was but I would seriously guess sometime in the sixties. No joke. It was dark and dingy and it was a testament to the vendors that they survived and thrived in spite of the much less than inviting environment.

Several months ago, maybe even a year ago, funds were secured through the state of Jalisco and with contribution by the city to seriously renovate the mercado.

The building was closed and the vendors all moved outside to the little park area in front of the building on the main drag of the city.

For months it seemed as if nothing was really happening. And then a couple of weeks ago, voila, the renovated building was dedicated and opened.

What a change! Much more inviting and bright.Very glad to have a “new” mercado here in Chapala.

One thought on “Chapala’s Renovated Mercado”

  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on Chapala with all the beautiful pictures. Was so sorry to hear of your dear wife’s passing. You have been in my prayers. I thought I might move to Chapala last year but moved to Arizona instead because of all of the border problems. Am beginning to look at it again in light of all the terrorist activities here—will move somewhere else if it becomes a socialist nation.

    Thanks, Jeanne. Much appreciated.

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