Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Chapala

The big day is finally here. Christmas in Chapala.

The streets (calles) have been bustling. Folks Christmas shopping. Kids thrilled.  All sorts of street vendors hawking their wares: shoes, clothes, cakes, wrapping paper, pinatas, art. You can pretty much find anything you want.

It’s been total sensory overload.

That’s the streets. The malechon has been pretty quiet.

Today is beautiful, sunny, warm, sixty-eight degrees. In a word, perfect, perfect in paradise.

To my surprise, the malecon on Christmas is jammed. Almost shore to street with families, couples, solos, all enjoying the festive atmosphere and the sun. The park across the street from us, which borders the malecon to the East and has lots of picnic space and tennis courts and soccer fields as well as a delightful lakeside walking path is rocking and rolling.

So this is what it’s like on Christmas in Chapala.

Meanwhile, in town, the streets are quiet. Sure, some of the shops are open. Vendors are grilling and lots of munching going on.

The hit of the day, of course, is ice cream. While the ice cream shops I passed were pretty quiet, the individual vendors on the malecon had long lines waiting. Extended families getting a treat, from the youngsters to grandma and grandpa and from what I could gather, even, great-grandma and great grandpa too.

I didn’t know what to expect for the big day here. And what a delightful surprise. Although, thinking about it, really not a surprise. Mexico is a family culture, honoring the aged and indulging the young.

I’m loving it.

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  1. Blessed Holidays, Bob & Bonita! And may 2018 be fill with love, light and plenty of joy in store for you two! xo

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