Christmas in Chapala 2019

Feliz Nochebuena y Feliz Navidad! (Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas!)

Nochebuena is also the Spanish name for the so-called Christmas flower, the poinsettia. That’s why so many poinsettias are set out for display here in Mexico. They’re everywhere!

Christmas preparations start really early here in Mexico. Earlier even than in the U.S. We visited the Andares Mall in Guadalajara back in September and found the Christmas department up and running at Liverpool, one of the major department stores in Mexico.

Here in Chapala, the Nativity scene appeared in el centro in early Demember, right out in front of City Hall. And City Hall itself sported a Christmas tree. Here in Mexico there’s no whining over the use of public spaces for Christmas. It’s done and everyone seems okay with it. Mexico is pretty much a live and let live country when it comes to social norms.

The Nativity scene seems to change slightly every year with 2019 being no exception.  This year a multi-colored deer found its way into the crowd of animals around the manger.

El Centro is especially beautiful at night.

And City Hall and other buildings in El Centro are decorated as well.

Christmas Day itself was lovely. The malecon was jammed with people enjoying the glorious weather and the festive atmosphere.

Lovely to be here, my friends!



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