Christmas Is Coming To Chapala

Ho-Ho-Ho, welcome to Christmas time in Chapala. While it won’t be a white Christmas, as you can see in the photo above, many of the trees around the city centro and the malecon are wrapped in bright white lights. Here, that’s as white as it gets (except for lots of gringos, but I jest). 

Last Friday was the official opening of the Christmas season in Chapala and, true to form, featured a parade, tree lighting, and fireworks.

We suspect there will be another, much larger parade a little closer to Christmas itself. We seem to remember one from last year. But, the days slip away here as do sometimes our memories. 

The parade on Friday was short and sweet, all motorized vehicles, some with “floats”; other not. There were fire trucks and police cars and trucks, and part of the fun is that several of the vehicles featuring floats with Santa and/or Santa’s elves, tossed penny candy out to the waiting crowd. Great fun to watch the kids scoop them up. 

We watched from front row seats, so to speak, on the island in the middle of the main caratera between the Cathedral and the middle of the malecon.

Hope you enjoy the following brief videos of the parade in action.

Thus begins a festive holiday season here. It’s refreshing non-commercial. Yes, one can buy decorations and you can see lights strung up around town in some of the homes. Walmart is stuffed with the gills with Christmas goodies. But the focus of the holidays here seems to be exactly where it is best: on the meaning of the holidays.

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