Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

This was the week of Cinco de Mayo. In the U.S., it seems to be an excuse to go out for what passes as Mexican food and to drink cerveza and margaritas. For years we did this too. There was some vague sense that Cinco de Mayo was (and is) an important holiday of our southern neighbors. Never sure exactly what and after a few margaritas, who cares anyway???

So we expected a pretty big celebration here in Mexico.

Surprise, surprise. Nothing; nada. Oh, I’m sure there was somewhere. Cinco de Mayo was a battle fought here of some significance which you can check out here. 

But the celebration of Cinco de Mayo in most of Mexico seems to be that pretty much every Mexican town and city of any size has a Cinco de Mayo street.

So, what did we do here on Cinco de Mayo?

A neighbor and I went out to eat and visit a bi-annual arts show in Guadalajara. What else? [Bonnie is off in the States for medical treatment.]

The arts show was similar to the show we described here from last October. This was a pretty upscale show and was packed to the gills. Not with gringos, interestingly enough, but seemingly with the prosperous of Guadalajara.

The show was held at Expo Guadalajara, a beautiful conference center in the Zapapon area of Guadalajara. There’s a stunning two-story mural done in tile at one of the entrances. And, of course, Frida is there. (Frida is an iconic figure you will see all over Mexico.)

One interesting fact about this show that was not part of last year’s: the presence of a number of Cuban artisans. The world is opening up!

After the show we traveled down in Guadalajara centro to get some supplies at an Asian market. While there, we asked about nearly Asian restaurants. An employee directed us down the street a couple of blocks to a Korean restaurant.

We found this totally appropriate on Cinco de Mayo. We’d dine on Asian in Mexico while the U.S. was dining on Mexican back in the homeland.

Our meal was cooked right in front of us on a table constructed out of a barrel and a table top. The barrel held a charcoal grill which was filled and lit and our food grilled. Fresh and delightful!

So that was Cinco do Mayo here in Chapala.

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