Doggerel During Lockdown in Chapala

Hola, mis amigos! (Hello, my friends.)

Truthfully, I haven’t been out much. Being in the vulnerable category (over 65) and not liking (at all!) to wear a mask, I’ve only ventured out to do a little shopping. A neighbor and I did manage to get out to lunch a couple of times this week too to at a couple of restaurants that still have seated service. What a treat!

Funny, given the large number of gringos here at lakeside, merchants and restaurateurs sometimes off helpful suggestions and messages that get lost in translation. This sign was on the tables at one of the restaurants this week. I’m still wondering what it is really trying to say.

Yet, life goes on.

Even though I haven’t seen a lot of hummingbird activity in the backyard, the feeder was drained. I moved to to the table on my little porch to refill it and low and behold, a few hummingbirds flew right up to it. What a treat. As you might imagine, the two cats who live with me now went on Def-Con 5!

The lockdown here has met with what I would call limited success. Although we’re supposed to wear masks at all times outside and are supposed to limit our excursions to only matters of necessity, the streets are still fairly busy and the use of masks is, well, half-hearted.

Today on a stop at one of the local gringo grocery stores, this newly painted sign caught my attention.

It took me a moment or two to figure out what it said, which is “Libertad!”, Spanish for freedom. While it’s a sentiment we could all support (well, unless you’re the governor of Michigan, LOL!), I suspect this expression of freedom was both a positive affirmation of Mexicans and a protest of the halting of the economy and society here.

Finally, while we on the subject of signs, back before Christmas, when the mall was open, the movies were running and the restaurants humming, I encountered this sign in the window of a shoe store. Hope you get a chuckle out of it. Why it’s in English I have no idea.

Be well until we meet again here.


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