Easing Into The New Normal in Chapala?

Good news!

Or so it seems. We’re told that this area of Mexico, the state of Jalisco and the city of Guadalajara are to cautiously begin re-opening tomorrow, Monday, May 18.

It’s been an odd time.

Some places have been closed completely. Some restaurants have been and are take-out only; others offer limited sit-down service (meaning that despite looking closed, one can get seated and serviced, although the usual specials are not in preparation).

We’re taking a wait-and-see attitude, hoping that all continues well.

No malls, theatres, concert venues, sports arenas and churches are yet allowed to open.

My neighbor and I did venture to Costco last Friday. It was glum; not the hustle and bustle that Costco is (in)famous for. The lines for check-out, being cautiously policed by employees, were long and tiresome.

We did drop by an upscale mall nearly to visit Starbucks (need my cold brew!). There, several restaurants were booming.

So it’s unclear what is actually happening. We will see.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of amusements I ran across this week. One is quite a odd story and the other a humorous discussion of what life in Mexico can teach gringos. Very salient and it comes with an English translation! Enjoy.



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