Easter is Coming to Chapala

Chapala is busy prepping for the Easter season.

Starting this weekend, and for the next week, the holiday season is here in Mexico. And Chapala has spent the past week getting ready.

Sections of the malecon have been spruced up.

Rides are moving onto the malecon and being set up and ready for Easter week. Can you guess what ride this will be?

Yes indeed, a ferris wheel.

As we mentioned last week, the skate park was painted over in sparkling white and almost immediately a local artist popped up to add some color.

It’s the dry season here now. The water level in the lake is diminishing and while nature is taking its course, the malecon itself is being repaired.

The “big” news, however, is a change up with what we’ve called Cirque de Chapala.

There’s been a tall pole near the lake off the malecon where indigenous people perform a ritual called la danza de los voladores. Five men dressed in native clothing climb the pole. One sits on top, singing and drumming, while four fasten a rope line to an ankle and then all four push off and spin around and around the pole, lowering themselves to the ground.

Here’s a video of the ritual.

There are troupes like this all across Mexico. We saw one on our visit to Tequila last year.

This week while taking my daily walk on the malecon, I heard the roar of a chainsaw and found that the pole was being cut! Of course, a truck and crane were holding the pole firmly. Eventually, the pole severed. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Was one of the icons of the malecon coming to an end?

Fortunately no. For close to the old pole, a cement footing with a metal hold was awaiting the erection of a new metal pole.

To me, it looks quite a bit taller than the wooden pole. But, I don’t know.

What do you think?





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