Happy New Year from and in Chapala

Just after Christmas, a new addition to the malecon started construction.

In fact, right next to the Chapala sign.

I don’t know if the new addition is in honor of the symmetry of the year or if 2020 is the anniversary of a significant event in the history of Chapala.

Still, it’s always interesting to watch changes on the malecon.

Of course, the sign got a paint job.

And then it was shrouded, awaiting the celebratory unveiling.

Meanwhile, a few banners appeared around town announcing a big dance on New Year’s Eve starting at 10PM. Interestingly enough, the banners didn’t say where.

But it seemed that everyone knew.

On New Year’s Eve, having just returned from Guadalajara, our neighbors and I walked down to the malecon. Oddly, the thoroughfare next to us was empty. Usually when events are happening on the malecon, it’s jammed.

And the eastern side of the malecon was empty. But we heard music and saw a stage and lots of lights by fisherman’s pier. Sure enough, the party was there and rockin’ and rollin’.

We found standing room amidst table after table of Mexican families replete with food and drink, listening to the music and waiting for the big countdown.

Mexicans do know how to party.

Sure enough, there was a countdown, diez, nueve, ocho, seite, seis, cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno!

Cheering and hugging and hooting and hollaring ensued. Along with the biggest sparklers I’ve ever seen. And the 2020 addition to the Chapala sign on the pier was unveiled.

Of course, there were fireworks, lovely as always.

We even got souvenirs to take home!

On New Year’s Day, the malecon was totally packed despite blustery, cool weather. Still, everyone seemed to be enjoying the start of the new year.

We wish you all the best in 2020!








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