Hot Hot Hot in Chapala

Yup, it’s the “hot” season here in Chapala. The temp has been known to nip to 90F on occasion this time of year.

Everything sorta slows down a little. One gains an appreciation of a siesta.

Mostly, though the season is notable because it’s dry. We’ve noted the forest fires burning around both Chapala and Guadalajara.

The landscape is scattered with brown in and amongĀ  the perennially green plants here in the high desert.

The lake is at its low point of the year (so far).

Everyone is waiting for the rainy season to bring some cool rain.

Friday morning I took my usual walk along the malecon, soaking in the ambiance and the vibe of the summer lake. Then, there in front of me, a new sight.

Now there are sometimes tents alongside the malecon. Yet this was the first time I’d seen the malecon blocked by tents. Hmmmmmmm, what’s going on?

Turns out, a festival!

An environmental festival, promoting the health of the lake and the health of the community.

There were a few displays on on the ecology of the lake as well as the plant life of the area. Mostly though, the festival featured two things: food and artisans!

The festival ran Friday through the weekend and all three days it was hopping. A good time seemed to be had by all.

And today, Monday, the malecon was back to normal. Barely a trace of the festival.

We came, we had a good time, we left. Life goes on.

How wonderful!

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