Hot Springs at the Monte Carlo

Last week I had a a friend visiting from the States. His back was bothering him, so we thought that spending some time in a hot spring would help (and feel good too).

One of the properties along the lake here in Chapala is the Hotel Villa Montecarlo. Along with a beautiful ground right along the lake, the property has a large cold water pool and a natural hot springs pool. Lakeside has numerous hot springs.

We checked in and got to spend considerable time on the property and in the hot spring pool. Not only is it quite warm, it’s full of minerals. Warm and soothing and delightful to just float in.

The property is beautifully maintained.  We had a delightful time there and it is just down the road.

I also learned that you can visit for the day for only 150 pesos (about $7.50 US at the time of this writing) and take advantage of the grounds and both of the pools.

So without further words, I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

Well, just a few more words. There are numerous peacocks wandering around the property. Tame and friendly and beautiful!


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