Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer in Chapala

As if there was ever any doubt, summer is here in Chapala.

The first giveaway is that the weeds are back populating the lake. They come and go from the shoreline along the malecon, so on any given day when I walk there, I may see blue water or a sea of green. Don’t like the weeds? Well, they’ll be gone when the wind shifts.

Too, in the summer, the lake can give us all kinds of looks. Partly, of course, because it’s the rainy season as well and “weather” forms around the lake. Yet, can be breathtaking.

And I’ve noticed too an abundance of horses. Now, to be sure, this is not just a summer occurrence. Horses are here all year round. Still, it seems that there are just more of them in the summer.

As usual, there’s Wilbur (Palomino) and Carole (the Chestnut Mare). I call’em Wilbur and Carole in homage to the two humans we were closed to Mr. Ed on my favorite 60s Sunday night television.

Too, you’ll see horses and riders plodding up and down the cobblestone streets here at almost any time of day. Where they come from I’ve not yet been able to discern. I haven’t seen a stable or a riding business, so I assume for the present that their owners/caregivers are simply taking them out for a ride.

You’ll see horses too on the lakeshore. Check out this young man riding with an infant. Hey, where’s the safety seat for the young’un? And the helmet? Oops, of yeah, this is Mexico, where personal responsibility is still adhered to and the nanny state hasn’t taken over everything.

Note too the couple in the background, making out on the beach. This is very common. Lots of couples hang out on the malecon, watching the submarine races.

Out in front of city hall, a different set of horses recently appeared. They seem to come out in the morning and by evening are gone. Then, boom, they pop up again on a random day in the future. Walking in el centro one Monday evening, there they were.

Finally, sometimes, you’ll just see horses wandering around town, as if they’re looking for a hotel or something. More likely scrounging some chow.

Late in the Spring, the skateboard park by the malecon was given a fresh paint of white paint. Local artists often take this as a fresh canvas and overnight up pops some fresh street art.

Over near fisherman’s pier, the old wood pole that was used by the flying natives (see this link for an explanation) and has subsequently been replaced by a metal pole, is now a direction pointer.

As always, the malecon is jammed on a Sunday. Everyone seems to be out enjoying the vibes. Come join us!


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