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Our visit to Mexico City is somewhat of a misnomer. We saw a relatively limited part of the city. After landing at the airport, we took an Uber to the Condesa neighborhood, about a 45 minute ride. Urban sprawl all the way. And traffic, lots of it.

The scale of Mexico City is indeed awesome. Over eight million people live in the city and another thirteen million in the greater area. When we flew out of Mexico City on our return to Guadalajara, it seemed that we flew over the City for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. It just goes on and on.

All of which is to say that the impressions we share here are based on a limited look. Though by the end of our extended weekend there, we both definitely look forward to our return.

First, Uber is everywhere. Lots of cabs as well, but we stuck to Uber. At current prices in U.S. dollars, the rides are very inexpensive.

Second, the parts of the City we saw were a mix of historic and modern buildings. Wifi is everywhere. Infrastructure is very good. Connectivity is excellent. Even in the parks.

Third, Mexico City sports an abundance of street art. Unfortunately we saw a lot of it on the bus tour, so photos were a challenge. I’d love to go back just to photograph this artistic aspect of the City.

It was cool in Mexico City during our visit. It’s just shy of 7,500 feet. Half again as high as Denver. So cool weather comes naturally. I had not brought any warm clothing, so the morning after our arrival we ubered off to Walmart to buy a fleece jacket for me. Glad I did because later that day we took a tour of the City by bus. Even though the sun was shining, I was thankful for that jacket.

Dogs are everywhere. Not like in Chapala. Not a street dog identifiable. No. We saw hundreds, maybe thousands of dogs during our three days there. All kinds, many apparently pedigreed. And lots of pet shops of course.

Along with pet shops, shoe stores. One after another. All kinds of shoes. Glittery, shiny, lacquered, it seems that shoes are an obsession there.

The dining was excellent. In Condesa, there were multitudes of vegan restaurants, all small, mostly outdoor seating. With made-to-order offerings that were totally tantalizing.

We can’t wait to go back to explore more of this vast city.



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