Mother’s Day in Chapala

Mother’s Day here in Mexico is celebrated on May 10 regardless of on which day of the week it falls.

And it is HUGE.

Remember way back when when Easter was a really big deal in the U.S. (and presumably in Canada too)?

I do. The ladies would get all gussied up, put on not just their Sunday best, but clothes for those extra-special occasions. And, an Easter bonnet. I loved it. All those hats bobbing around. A Jackson Pollack painting of color.

Well, that close to what you find here in Chapala on Mother’s Day.

And flowers. Flowers everywhere.

And celebrations.

Once upon a time I worked for AT&T in Long Distance (back when long distance was a big deal). Mother’s Day was the heaviest calling day of the year.

Well, Mother’s Day here in Mexico brings the whole family together. Live and in-person.

It didn’t seem that the restaurants were overly crowded.

Maybe everybody went here. Happy Mother’s Day with fun and games for the entire family.


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