Mushroom Fest in Mexico

Last weekend our neighbors and I made the journey to Guadalajara to an event called Mushroom Fest.

Okay, as an old hippie (or more accurately hippie-wannabe), I had my fantasies. Alas, no, Carlos Castaneda wasn’t there.

Maybe my first clue should have been that the Fest was next to the U.S. Consulate.

Kidding aside, Mushroom Fest was fun. Lots of different mushrooms, of course.

We do eat a lot of mushrooms. They’re ready available here in Chapala. All year. Portabellos, criminies, oysters,  buttons. Not much else that I’ve seen. But at mushroom fest, we were treated to a symphony of varieties indigenous to Mexico.

Perhaps the most interesting finding, for us anyway, was the plethora of kits on offer for growing-your-own. A most helpful young man showed us plastic bags filled with somewhat ominous-looking detritus which you then spritz with water twice a day and voila, mushrooms will grow. Once harvested, more will grow in about another week, and so on, for a couple of months.

Any surprise that I have one in the laundry room right now? (Mushroom-growing apparently requires a somewhat moist and relatively dark environment.)

Plus, there were lots of delicious-looking foods on offer (most with mushrooms being a key ingredient) with savory aromas.

Even a food court at Mushroom Fest.

And a band.

On a visit to los banos, we discovered an intriguing sign in the hallway. So we’re headed back again in September. See you there???

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