New Friends in Chapala


I’m finally back again. How time goes by.

Writing a blog can be a lonely business. Even now, I have no idea how many people are reading this notes I write or who you are (well, I do know some of you, Hi MOM!!!) Then, just as I’m wondering whether or not this blogging thing is worth continuing, a reader will send me a question or a comment and it helps me keep going.

I was recently in touch with a gentleman from Texas who lived in Chapala for years. He and I corresponded several times and he even passed along a donation to help me keep this blog alive. (It’s doesn’t happen for free, just so you know.)

And then I heard from Valerie. She told me she was planning to move to Chapala and had a few questions. We chatted electronically, which I’m always happy to do.

And her big day came. She moved to Chapala with her trusted aged dog. And she wrote again to ask if I’d be willing to get together with her just to chat. Would I? Of course I would.

We arranged to meet at a popular gringo hangout right on the major carratera (road) that runs just North of the lake. There, I met the delightful Valarie.

Valarie is from the great Northwest, up Oregon way. She told me she’d traveled to Mexico a number of times and had fallen in love with the culture, the people, the climate, and the lifestyle. She’s a brave lady. Packed up and flew down, all with her beloved dog.

One can do that here. Mexico is very welcoming. There’s a reason we call it the fun side of the border.

And I have a correction: Valarie has two loving pooches! And both came with her.

She and I chatted for a good while. I’m afraid I dominated the conversation (I do like to yaw) but we managed a good exchange and I must say it is a delight to meet one of my readers in person!

So thank you Valerie and may your time here be happy and healthful and lots of fun.

I’ll be back soon, I promise!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I for one really enjoy getting your e-letter on lake Chapala. I enjoy the writing as well as the photos that you post. Thank you

    Much appreciated! Thanks for saying so.

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