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Hola, mis amigos!

Again, I’ve been a little tardy in writing. I keep thinking I’ve got to have a full post full of profound thoughts or actions or something. I recently realized I can do what I want here. It’s my blog afterall. So you’ll be hearing from me more often (at least I expect so) and sometimes with tidbits, updates, the way daily life works around here.

Today I took my usual walk along the malecon. A beautiful sunny clear day. Just lovely. And by the Beer Garden (a local restaurant primarily for turistas) and the great Chapala sign, I came across a display by the Chapala Archive.

Photos from the turn of the century. The turn of the twentieth century that is, when Chapala was slowly transforming from a sleepy fishing village to a playground for wealthy Mexicans who began to build mansions along the lake that were vacation homes.

D. H. Lawrence visited and stayed here as did many luminaries from that time.

So without further ado, here are photos of the photos with kind permission of the Archive.

Note here the burros being ridden by ladies. This was actually a transportation system that took ladies along lakeside as far as a community called San Antonio Tlaycapan.

Note too the greeting for the arrival of the train to the train station which operated (sadly) for only a couple of years.

And if there’s interest (hint, hint), I could slowly contrast these photos with the same viewpoint in today’s Chapala. LMK.

4 thoughts on “Old Timey Chapala”

  1. Thank you again for allowing us to “visit” through all your hard work. Hope you have many healthy, happy years down there.

  2. I spent the day in Chapala on Monday and just loved it. Wish I had explored there for a place to live. So colorful and vibrant. You’re lucky to be there every day!

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