On the Trail of The Taco Chronicles Part 1

I hope you’re been introduced to the wonderful Netflix series, The Taco Chronicles.  If you haven’t and you at all like food (and Mexico), you’re in for a treat.

The Taco Chronicles are six half-hour explorations of the various types of tacos found in Mexico. Yes, it’s food porn. I salivated watching it. At the same time, I learned a lot about Mexico, its history, its tradition, its food, and its people.

We watched it and our neighbors watched it and immediately we began looking at the map to see whether it was feasible to visit some or all of the places chronicled in the series.

Turned out that several of the locations were definitely drivable. The State of Michoacan, the State of Hildago, and Mexico City.

We planned out a trip to Michoacan, where there are several Chronicles locations.

It’s a beautiful four-hour drive to the city of Morelia. All the entire drive is on toll road, very well maintained and relatively uncrowded.

Michoacan is a beautiful topography, quite different from Jalisco where we live. Mountain after mountain with lush valleys filled with crops.

We totally loved the scenery. (That’s broccoli growing in the picture just above, for as far as the eye can see…………….)

Yet, we were on a mission: to check out and experience the Taco Chronicle locations.

First up, was Carnitas Don Raul.

Now, without spoiling The Taco Chronicles, the main ingredient of carnitas from Michoacan is pork long simmered in its own fat, often cooked in large copper vats. (An amazing process–watch the show)

Carnitas Don Raul is a restaurant with sit-down service. Sparkling clean. We knew we were in the right place when we walked through the front door to see an employee artfully carving meat.

The food was absolutely mouth-watering, everything we expected and even more. The food is the star here. Mounds of moist melt-in-your-mouth, bursting with flavor pork.

Yes there are accompaniments, mostly veggies with vinegar to cut some of the “sweetness” of the meat.

Our server, Angel (pronounced with a hard “A” and more of a hard “K” than a “g”), watched over us and kept us supplied with whatever we needed.

Totally wonderful.

And the trip had just started!

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