On the Trail of the Taco Chronicles Part 3

Before we left Morelia for Uruapan, we decided to find and explore the city’s zocalo. Every town and city we’ve visited in Mexico has one. Basically, a zocalo is a square or rectangle of park (although sometimes they are stoned such as in Mexico City), typically in the geographic heart of the city and typically with a cathedral as one of the anchors.

Morelia’s was relatively easy to find, although, as usual, we needed Google to provide directions. In Morelia, the zocalo is at the top of a hill; the cathedral spires were visible from quite a distance. It did, however, take some time to find a parking space relatively close. But we did and made our way there.

We discovered we were on a street named Morelos. Seems too that every town and city in Mexico has a street or avenue or boulevard named Morelos. Jose Maria Morelos is revered in Mexico. He was a Catholic priest and revolutionary leader, prominent in the events leading to Mexican independence. And he was born in Morelia.

The cathedral was truly inspiring in Morelia, standing in the middle of the zocalo.

The interior was just as, or possibly even more impressive than the exterior.

On either side of the church stand large open areas: one side stoned, the other, more park-like.

One one of the streets that formed the border of the zocalo, preparations were underway for a parade later in the day. Performers were already gathering.


Alas, we needed to be on our way to make dinner at our next restaurant stop on the trail of the Taco Chronicles.

Part 4 soon to follow!











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