On the Trail of the Taco Chronicles Part 4

Leaving Morelia, we headed for Uruapan, planning to enjoy some more great food and hoping to meet at least one of the people making these wonderful tacos that were featured in the show. [If you need to catch up on our Taco Chronicles adventure, you can do so here and here and here.]

We arrived in Uruapan in the middle of the afternoon and after some wondering around, we found our hotel. A lovely place called Pie de la Sierra, a little ways out of town and up on one of the surrounding mountains. We did have a spectacular view however.

It’s a rustic kind of place. Log cabin-y. Nice and clean and well-appointed.

We headed into town with an objective of arriving at Cocina M, the upscale restaurant featured in the series, around 7PM. Alas, sometimes Google Drive seems to get confused and we ended up driving in the wrong direction for some miles before realizing our error and backtracking. We did learn, however, on this wild goose chase that Uruapan is the avocado capital of Mexico. Mile after mile of avocado trees lined the highway. No avocados in bloom, but at least we can think of it as we enjoy the avocados we buy at the local mercado.

Finally, we found Cocina M.

I’ve eaten at a few fine restaurants in my life. Not many, but at least a few. Emeril’s at the MGM in Las Vegas. Le Cirque in New York City. And Cocina M was right up there.

Cocina M features some classic Mexican food with a twist and a flourish.

Not long after we ordered a group of young men and women, about 20 in total, were seated at a large table not far from us. Our neighbor thought they were cartel guys. At one point, a more senior man came over to their table and addressed them all. Were they or weren’t they? Not sure, to be sure.

The next morning we headed up to the (free) breakfast buffet at the hotel. And who should I run into but a few of the guys who had been at that other table at Cocina M. Turns out they were a film crew shooting a documentary in the area and were celebrating the end of shot with a splash-out dinner.

They did me the honor of pointing out which of the breakfast choices had a lot of spice. Just what I want!

Welcome to Mexico!



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