On the Trail of the Taco Chronicles Part 5

On our last day of the trail (at least for the present), we visited the el centro of Uruapan and visited the featured taco vendor.

Downtown Uruapan was quite impressive. Of course, there was a cathedral, actually several, and a large central park.

Not surprisingly on a Sunday morning, folks here were worshiping.

The el centro park was lovely, a tree and bench filled stretch of land providing a respite from the bustle of the city.

Most fascinating to me was the long line, a very long line, of shoeshine booths. How often do you see people wearing shoes these days that can even be shined? I guess they do here in Uruapan.

After visiting another city park, we headed over to our final food stop, Carnitas As de Oros.

In the Taco Chronicles, we’re introduced to this restaurant by one of the chefs at Cocina M, the upscale restaurant in Uruapan that we visited and recounted here. The chef came here to source their meat that she would then use to make dumplings (which were very yummy!).

She spoke with the gerente (manager) of the store and finally here I got to meet one of the “stars” of the Taco Chronicles.

We proceeded to enjoy a simple and scrumptious meal: a plate of pork, tortillas, and salsa.

Wonderful food and meeting a star. What a day!

Remember the film crew I wrote of in the last post on the Taco Chronicles? They informed me that a second season of the show was in the works. I sure hope so.

And I hope that we’re able to visit more of the locations and sample the foods from the first season.

We loved it!

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