Restless in Chapala

And the covid played on.

We’re in the middle of another (sort of) lockdown here in our state, Jalisco. This time, seniors, persons over 60 years of age, are not allowed into stores. Guards are posted to police this policy, at least in Guadalajara, as my neighbors and I learned a couple of weeks ago, much to our disappointment and chagrin.

Even invoking “woke” culture, saying that I may be over 60 but only identify as 59 didn’t work here in what is arguably more sane Mexico!

Still, life goes on.

Down in el centro, a bright new shoe store opened after months of building. And I do mean bright!

While parks and some outdoor areas are open, the malecon and other popular areas where folks tend to congregate are still closed and pretty closely patrolled. The locals here seem to be getting a little restless with it all.  At the very far end of the malecon with a boat ramp and launch and several restaurants there’s a pier that is still open. Lots of folks turned up there presumably to re-assure themselves that both the lake and the malecon are still there despite being unable to use either.

It’s sort of pathetic to see people huddled around the one small area where they can be near the lake and see the pelicans.

Meanwhile the lakeshore off the malecon is deserted.

How much longer this uneasy truce can hold is to be determined. Not that it feels sinister or that there’s the potential for riot or protest. Just a sort of disquiet hangs in the air.

Here in Mexico the government doesn’t have a magic printing press and thus cannot simply send checks or bank deposits to citizens. Here, people have to work or they don’t eat. It’s an uneasy balance.

We’ll see what happens as we go through February.






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