Restrictions Loosened in Chapala

Friday afternoon the governor of the State of Jalisco, in which Chapala, lakeside and Guadalajara are located, loosened the restrictions he imposed some four weeks prior. Public spaces were opened and, thankfully, stores were re-opened to adultos mayores (senior citizens, defined here as 60 years of age or older).

Not surprisingly, people turned out over the weekend. The weather was beautiful and the malecon was busy.

People were out enjoying the sun and the clear views up and down the lake and the pelicans. Everywhere, people were posing for photos.

During the four weeks people weren’t allowed on the malecon, a large flock of pelicans gathered on the west side of the malecon. Beautiful!

Moreover, it turns out that lots of work was accomplished on the malecon during the lockdown. Lots of cleaning and sprucing up. The beaches were cleared.

Fisherman’s Pier was given a facelift.

On the west side of the malecon, the stone wall of the malecon was thoroughly cleaned.

One of the most iconic spots on the malecon is a statue display that over the years had become both damaged, with parts of it broken off, and thoroughly tarnished. Two local artists treated it with some TLC and it’s been restored to full glory.

On the west side of the malecon, a group of bikers gathered to enjoy the day, laughing and taking photos along with so many Mexican families.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was yet another extension of the bridge to nowhere. And it’s no longer the bridge to nowhere. It’s now out in the lake.

Local reports say that the pier is funded entirely by the restaurant on the malecon from which the pier extends. Construction projects like this often happen over the course of time. As builders have the funds, they build. If they run out of funds, they wait until they have them and the construction continues.

Supposedly, this pier will be used to deliver boating passengers to the restaurant. We’re looking forward to seeing how far out the pier ends up being.

Yes, it was a lovely weekend! And hopefully the worst of the virus is behind us here in Mexico (and all around the world!)








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