Revolution Day in Chapala

Today is a national holiday across Mexico and Mexicans are celebrating. It’s Revolution Day! For some details, see the Wikipedia write-up here. Suffice to say, back in 1910, Mexicans were called to overthrow a long-reigning Army general and to establish what we now know as liberal democracy. Enough of that though.

The closest I can come to a description of Revolution Day here is like the Fourth of July in the U.S.

Some, but not all shops are closed. As are banks.

And it seems as if the entire population of Chapala has come to the malecon. It’s as busy as on New Year’s Eve.

Families are together, as always here. And cameras everywhere. Selfies galore!

For some reason too, lots of horses and riders.

Lots of fun items for the kids are on display. I’ve just got to get myself one of those bubble guns!

Kids lead plastic dogs on leashes while the family dog(s) are walked by dad or cuddled by Mom (yes, cuddled. Many locals have small dogs that are carried, not walked.)

Great day today for a boat ride. Bright and sunny yet not at all hot; just right.

Or, for a walk on one of the piers.

The pelican flock seems to have grown too along with the crowds. They’re a major attraction on the western side of the malecon.

Note that just a few months ago, the tree in the photo above was on dry shore. The water at that time was up only as far as the pelicans you see to the left of the picture.

It’s a perfect day too for getting a photo opportunity with the Chapala sign.

And to top it all off, what would a day at the malecon be without some street food and dessert? Yes, you’ll have to get in line.

So another delightful day passes in Chapala. We’re so glad to be here.

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