Street Art in Chapala

One of the most delightful aspects of life here is the street art. Not the artists offering paintings or doing cartoons of the inner you–that’s prevalent up in Guadalajara. In Chapala the street art can be both brazen and subtle. It’s found in odd places and can often pop up overnight. Other times it’s more permanent.

The free form of street art here can be quite stunning. Truly a labor of love and civic celebration. Here are some of my favorites:

For me, part of the appeal of the street art in Chapala is the random nature of it. You never quite know where it will appear. You round a corner and pow, there it is. Or you may be walking down a familiar street and just like that, a new mural is confronting you.

Street art can be found in nooks and crannies, so to speak. Little artful flourishes on steps, around windows, in seemingly unlikely places. Keep your eyes peeled. It’s there for the observant.

Some of the street art is more subtle, more of a personal statement. Often religious in nature. There are many saintly icons adorning homes and walls.

Chapala is adorned with a kaleidoscope of art. Some of it ephemeral; some a seemingly permanent part of the city. Big and small, garish or sublime, the street art of Chapala helps bring the city to life. Come and enjoy!

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