The Great Flood in Chapala and Other Minor Matters

Ah, an ordinary week in Chapala. The adventure continues.

While Bonita is visiting the States, I am maintaining the home front.

And what a week!

First, we had our first two days of overcast weather. On Tuesday, we experienced a first: a full day of rain. Starting just after I got up around 7AM (Central Time), it started raining and continued all day. We’ve lived in Chapala for one year now and this was my first experience of a fully rainy day.

We’ve had rain before, but typically only a brief shower or an hour or two at the most. This is during the day I emphasize. Usually when it rains here, it rains at night.

Then Wednesday I awoke to what looked like could be another day of rain. Overcast; low cloud cover. A little windy. In the early afternoon, I was at my computer and on the phone with a financial institution, when I moved my feet and felt sloshing. Looking down, I was horrified to see water streaming out around the pc. I ditched the call and went around the counter to the kitchen to see water pouring out from the cabinet below the sink. I went to get the mop and bucket and saw the hallway and much of the bedroom flooded.

So I ran over to my neighbor to have her call the caretaker. But there he was in the backyard.

He shut off the water and the flooding stopped and the long clean-up began. The caretaker and both my neighbors pitched in, mopping and sweeping and carrying out items that were soaked. Fortunately, I had shut down the electronics and they escaped unharmed.

Quite a little adventure. And all just part of life here in Chapala.

Saturday evening, my neighbor knocked on the door to ask if our electricity had gone out. No, not since I’d returned home. His place was dark. No electric. Then, 20 minutes later, on it came. Of the three units here on the ground floor, his was the only one affected.

Just happens. And one thing we’ve learned about life in Chapala is that you learn to take such events in stride or you’ll make yourself crazy. This is not the States and it’s not Canada and things just happen differently here.

Another story: one of our neighbors was expecting a package to be delivered to the door by Amazon (of Mexico). He asked our other neighbor to accept the package if the delivery person range their bell. She agreed. Then our neighbor got an email saying the package delivery date would be moved out a few days that the package would be delivered by the post office.

Post Office??? Here in Mexico? We’ve heard rumor that there is such a service, though we’ve seen absolutely no evidence it exists in Chapala. I thought it was a myth. Yet, when we made our trip to Mexico City back in September, we did actually see a post office, so we knew it existed, just no evidence of one here.

And sure enough, on the appointed day, the caretaker had found the delivery notice at the front door to the complex and had retrieved the package for the neighbor.

Who knew? So there actually is a post office here. Where? We have yet to determine.

It’s just part of life in Chapala.

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