The House Across the Street in Progress

Finally (and by popular demand!), here’s an update on the construction across the street. You can read the first post here.

The men have been very busy. Since that first post, they’ve built an entire second story, added stairs, torn down the old living room, added space for two bathrooms and added an open space for a patio facing the street (and one facing the back).

Here’s a photo of the start of the upstairs building. Note that the front of the house is close to the street. Entering the house in this form took one into the living room.

Construction here is typically done in brick or cement. Wood is for emphasis and decoration.

Here’s a look at the current front.

Note that the “front” of the house in no longer on the street. What was the living room was taken down, a second floor added, and a space for a front patio is on top and a garage now where the living room was.

Now at the rear of the house a backyard patio is under construction. This in comparison to the back of the house when I last visited.

New stairs to the new second floor.

And two bedrooms are under construction on the second floor along with the patio facing the street.

As the house progresses, more updates to follow.




One thought on “The House Across the Street in Progress”

  1. Keep us posted! We wondered if would become suitable for us. Opinion?

    Hi. I’m not sure it’s going to be for rent. My understanding is that it’s going to be owner occupied, but I may not have correct info. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

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