Tips and “Tricks” of Daily Life in Chapala

We’ve learned to keep our ears and eyes wide open here in Chapala. Daily life in Chapala is quite similar to our life in the U.S. in some ways. In others, quite different. Here are some of the seemingly random differences.

Everywhere you go here, you will have Mexicans approach you offering something for sale or for some service, such as washing your car. I stand of awe of these folks. They are doing everything they can to support themselves and their family. However, we can’t buy everything we’re offered. So we compromised and buy what we need or want and simply say, Gracias, no, to the rest. Once we say no, such vendors move on.

You will find some folks simply looking for a handout. Your choice. The social safety network is not as well developed here as in the U.S. so folks are trying to make their way as best they can.

And speaking of working hard, at the big-box stores in Chapala, such as Soriana (grocery and variety) and Walmart de Mexico, you’ll have your purchases bagged by what to us appear to be store employees. But they are not. Upon more than a casual glance, the baggers have not store employee ID’s. They are, in fact, volunteers. So slip them a little change in pesos for their service. That’s their only compensation.

Another big difference is that despite the traffic on the main drag on this, the north side of Lake Chapala, the cities of Chapala and Ajijic and other enclaves that border the lake, are heavily pedestrian. And the pedestrians here more often than not simply walk as they need. Yes, there are crosswalks and lights at some key locations. For the most part, however, pedestrians go where they wish. When we driving, we can find this quite frustrating. However, when we are walking, which, in truth, is most of the time, we very much appreciate it.

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