Walking on Water, Er, Well, Lake Chapala

Mexico is experiencing a severe drought. The second largest lake in Mexico, Lake Cuitzeo, has basically dried up. Farmers are desperate for water for crops. Hopefully we’ll have a wet season, which should kick in a little in June and then full force in July, August and into September.

Last month I blogged about the rapidly diminishing water levels of Lake Chapala. The shoreline in Chapala has receded more than I’ve witnessed in the last four years that I’ve lived here now. Here’s a comparison.

In the photo below from June of 2018, we see that the shoreline encompasses the pier and the breakwater to the far right of the photo is clearly out in the lake. Accessible by boat only.

Compare then to this photo, taken this month, May of 2021.

The entire time I’ve lived here, the lakeshore has stayed around the base of the pier in these photos and lapped on the foundation of the restaurant. The area between the restaurant and the breakwater was covered by the lake.

Here it is today!

The breakwater is now accessible by foot!

It’s kinda wild over there. And, it turns out, there’s a rocky beach of the other side of the breakwater.

I’ll keep watch on the receding lake. While it’s fascinating, it’s also a little troublesome. Hopefully we’ll have a very wet rainy season this year.




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