Weed Invades Chapala!!!

No, not the wacky weed or Reefer Madness.

But it is an invasion!

Yes, it’s summer here and the weeds are blooming.

This has been an ongoing problem on Lake Chapala for quite a few years. Apparently at the end of the 19th century, this non-native water hyacinth was introduced to the lake as decoration.

Alas, residents around the lake have been battling them ever since.

It’s a summer phenomenon, part of the rainy season. The dams along the rivers that feed the lake are often opened to prevent flooding and this onslaught, along with the warm weather, the hyacinths (and several accompanying weeds) flourish.

Towns around the lake have tried raking the weeds out as they blow in to the lakeshore in a seemingly Sisyphean  effort to rid the lake of them.

This time of year, I never quite know what to expect on my daily walk on the malecon.

The lakeshore might be clear, with large “islands” of weed visible far out on the lake.

Or, it might seem like the lake disappeared overnight, replaced by a blanket of green.

Or, some days, there might be bright patches of green floating just off the lakeshore.

Ya just never know!

Something to look forward to.

Last, here’s a video of the boat operators who work despite the weed invasion. Enjoy.

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